The White Laboratory is a sandbox style physics-based tower defense and RTS game in which you modularly build and command robotic structures, operating across a facility in the atmosphere of a remote gas planet.

It is about time for our quadrennial operation check through various parts of the facility. In the series of missions, combine robotic modular geometry components into different structures to adapt to situations. Build ground defenses around, send propeller air probes, attract and transfer scrap resources, and anything else the physics allows. Clean up anything unwanted to complete the maintenance task.


  • Crazy physics-based gameplay.
  • 99% of the stuff is physically simulated, affecting how objects move and behave in action. Consider physical phenomenon when making strategic decisions. e.g The bullet bounces off non-targets. Obstacles or drones can physically affect opponent rushing in. Structural balancing...
  • Strategy focused, multipurpose robotic components for fast in-place live construction.
  • Things are made of robotic components which can be served for multiple purposes. This allows for fast building of functional small structures in realtime with pause. There is also no upgrading of things such as ground defense towers, just modify them or build more onto them to adapt to new situation.
  • Open and reusable game mechanics.
  • Objects will be reusable for other purpose/or have additional usage with more sandbox elements introduced.
  • Experiment, sandbox and survival modes.
  • Experiment mode (aka. campaign) explores a wide range of gameplay with robotic components, including expansionary defense, conquest and production etc. Sandbox supports building and testing of varies structural designs with large material supply and completing additional challenges. Survival mode is fortress defense.
  • Clean metallic esthetics, floating high in atmosphere.
  • The clean style matches the sci-fi background while giving clear visual on structural design. Also supports colorbindness.
  • Supportive features.
  • Invention Database, Auto Assembly System, etc...


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best strategy game" Intel Level Up 2011
  • "Game of the year, student" Intel Level Up 2011
  • "Best student game" IGF China 2010
Original Soundtrack (OST)
Awesome electronic music by Zeropage. Listen on

About Laboratory Systems

Laboratory Systems develops nerdy softwares of games and financial trading systems. It is primarily a one man operation focusing on details and perfection.
More information
More information on Laboratory Systems, including open-source components are available here.

Permission is hereby granted to anyone for the use of captured in-game audio & video recordings for “Let’s Play”, “Preview”, “Review” and/or “Commentary”-style videos on Youtube, or other video/streaming sites. This includes ad-supported/monetized channels/videos.

To use soundtrack outside of captured gameplay videos, please contact Zeropage, the music producer for specific permission on soundtrack.